Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Level of Homophobia in Missouri

There is a bill floating around the Missouri House of reps that has established a whole new meaning to homophobia. It really is a phobia. It seems that right wing Missouri legislators are so afraid of homosexuals that they do not even want the terms spoken. HB 2051, AKA the Don't Say Gay bill, would bar any mention of sexual preference in schools with the exception of human reproduction as related to science curriculum. In other words, heterosexuals can be mentioned in biology class since they can reproduce unaided. But don't you dare mention those Homos or it won't be God out to get you.

The details are a bit fuzzy and it now seems unlikely the bill will actually be brought to a vote. This is not necessarily because the legislators have come to their senses. Once its existence became known there was an almost immediate response to this ridiculously ignorant and unnecessary bill.

Text of the Bill:
HB 2051

A sampling of pieces on the bill:
"Opposition Mounts to Missouri's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill for Schools"

"'Don't Say Gay' Bill Advances in Missouri House"

"Missouri’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Loses Steam, But Opponents Keep Their Guard Up"

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