Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Bible

Considering how many different versions and translations of the Bible that already exist you have to wonder why anyone would bother with yet another one. I could see producing one if there were at least a few significant discoveries of previously unknown fragments but that is not the case. Stephen Walsh's brief post on CNN's Belief blog is pretty clear about there being no such reason behind this new translation. It is supposedly to make the Bible easier to understand. The Voice, as it has been named, is also suppose to be in more modern language. The Bible is not actually that difficult to read and understand. I'm assuming that this new version is more sanitized. It sounds like part of the release will involve a campaign to get more people to read the Bible. Anyone who has actually read and paid attention to what they read in the "Good Book" but still wants to maintain it as a source of authority must realize that it has to be cleaned up to be accepted by an equally discerning audience. Without massive amounts of interpretation and cherry-picking it is really horrible stuff. I will probably at some point look for a copy out of curiosity. I will be shocked if it is not cleaned up in the guise of modernizing the language.

It is rather telling that the central holy book of two major religions relies so heavily on people not actually reading, comprehending, and contextualizing its content. I have to question the value of any book, "sacred" or otherwise, that cannot be discussed openly and honestly without being afraid of personal consequences.

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