Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bumping a peaceful Jesus

On my way to work this week I saw a terrible bumper sticker:
"No Jesus, No Peace
Know Jesus, Know Peace"

Since the woman's car was plastered with all sorts of stickers on peace, justice, and tolerance I have to assume she did not bother to think through what that one particular sticker was sending for a message. Setting aside that the word play was a little creative, the sentiment was despicable. Even implying that all non-Christians are belligerent is itself incredibly hostile. It is also rather bleak when you consider that the overwhelming majority of the world are not Christian. If this sticker were true than there is no hope. We are all doomed to a violent conflicted world.

Then, of course, there is the problem with how anyone is suppose to "know" Jesus. Even if you assume Jesus ever existed there are no first hand accounts or evidence of any kind. In practical terms, no one can actually "know" Jesus.

I guess we are all doomed. Maybe that's where the peace and justice come in. We all end equally, violently and can no longer cause further conflict. I still don't see the tolerance, though.

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