Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finally, Connor gets something right

Connor Wood has finally posted something on his Science on Religion blog that actually matches reality. Wood's "No space for God of the gaps" is pretty good. He starts to go a bit wish-washy in a few places but generally reigns himself back in. He makes a few statements like:
"Religion and science aren’t non-overlapping magisteria. They’re distinct, sometimes clashing modes for grappling with the weirdness of the universe – but they do actually deal with the same universe, which is the only one there is."
Given his propensity for inserting opinions I find it ironic that he doesn't notice that you could easily argue that religion could be said to not deal with reality at all. As for there being only one universe, that may or may not be true. We don't actually know that for certain. I still feel the need to give him credit for a reasonably well thought out piece. I was pleasantly surprised by it given his track record for confusing all sorts of theistic nonsense for science.

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