Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is it any wonder....

"It's 11 p.m. Do you know where your atheist child is? An alarming number of Catholic parents these days have seen their deepest fear come true. Not only have their children rejected Catholicism, they no longer believe in God"

This is the opening paragraph to Brian O'Neel's recent (April 2013) Catholic Digest piece, "My child the athesit." Not only is he comparing atheism with drug abuse by riffing on one of its 80's-90's anti-drug campaign catch phrases he reveals just how fucked up his own parental priorities are. "Deepest fears"? Really?! He's such a self centered arrogant prick that failing to blindly accept his beliefs is somehow more worthy of concern than any number of disorders/diseases that children end up with or any number of accidents than can occur? Is it any wonder atheists end up becoming hostile towards religion?

This asshole follows this up a handful of paragraphs later with, "....a Pew center study shows they [teens] become more likely to abandon religious beliefs. This all seems alarming, as if atheism was some contagion preying on children and rapidly spreading throughout the nation." Why do so many religious people find atheism so alarming? We aren't the ones using our beliefs to harass, smear, and outright persecute others. In fact, virtually every atheist I have ever come across routinely points out that everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose! As for "preying on children", this is absurd coming from a CATHOLIC. The Catholic hierarchy has all but instutionalized pedophilia. And, it's not an opinion. How many ranking officials have either been reprimanded internally or have now been investigated or indicted by civil authorities? How about that letter that got leaked a few years back that has Ratzinger ordering his fellow Bishops not to investigate any sex abuse allegations and ordering them to impede any such outside investigations?

O'Neel's piece never gets any better. He goes out of his way to find (assuming they are not outright fabricated) individuals who fit some of the worst stereotypes about atheists in order to present them as proof that we are all horrible. It's rather convenient there are no literary mirrors. This asshole's level of ignorance and bigotry is astounding. The pinhead actually thinks he's doing something good by offering advice based on lies and the most outrageous smears. Maybe if Catholics cleaned up their own faith they would have no reason to be "alarmed." Oh wait, they can't. Catholicism like all faiths are built on deception, delusions, and coercion. Maybe that's why people like O'Neel despise us so much: our refusal to be blind ignorant sheep.

Happy Zombie/cannibal day!

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