Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hail to the Theocrat?

In the past few weeks most media outlets have proclaimed Rick Perry to be either the front runner or one of the top three contenders for 2012 GOP Presidential race. This prospect should not only scare atheists but also anyone who cares about separation of church and state.

Perry's prayer-a-palooza event "The Response" got quite a bit of attention but was essentially portrayed as a single event. It was not. It is just one example of Perry's theocratic mentality. Many of the groups and individuals he went out of his way to invite to the prayer rally are either explicitly part of the Dominionist Movement or  sympathetic to it. It is also telling that the Religious Right actively pushed Perry to run for president and that his primary financial backer is James Leininger. They didn't pick him for a one-shot publicity event. There is no reason to doubt that Perry believes what he claims. He is an incredibly ignorant, intolerant, anti-science wacko who would enjoy forcing everyone to abide by his violent destructive notion of right and wrong.

Be afraid, very afraid! Better yet, be proactive. Get the word out that this man is bad for everyone whether they are religious or not.

Note: Point of Inquiry recently had a podcast on Dominionism

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